The Dog Obedience Girl




The first guide dogs for the blind were trained in Germany to assist those blinded in war. German Shepherd Dogs were used for their protective spirit and strong loyalty to their owner.

Obedience Training

private tutoring / training camp / homeschooling / group classes / grammar school / high school / college / behavior modification

Private Tutoring

I’ll come to your house and train you to train your dog. During our weekly lessons I’ll work with both you and your dog, then I’ll give you homework assignments to practice during the week ‘til the next time we meet. We’ll address whatever you need – housetraining, crate training, socialization, basic obedience, house manners, and anything else you want to train your dog to do or to stop doing. Gold stars for good work!

Training Camp

Remember sleep away camp? Color wars, hiking, s’mores & horror stories around the campfire? Now your dog can do the same thing (more or less) (probably fewer s’mores). Think of it along the lines of Soccer Camp or Theater Camp – they’re having fun & learning at the same time. We know you have a million things to do, and fitting in the time to train your dog every day can be difficult, to say the least. We don’t have to drive kids to karate, ballet or soccer, we don’t have to run errands, go to work or anything else – all we’re doing is training your dog. When dogs come home from Obedience Camp, they’re already trained, so all you have to do is maintain it, rather than do it from scratch. Then we’ll do weekly follow-up lessons with you and your family to teach the humans what the dog already knows!


Can’t stand the thought of sending your dog away but still feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of doing it yourself? Get the best of both worlds: We’ll come to your house and work with your dog an hour a day, 5 days a week for 3 weeks. Your trainer will do a lesson with you and your family at the end of each week to teach you what your dog’s been learning, then 2 follow-up lessons afterwards, to make sure things keep going smoothly.



Public School : Group Classes

We teach classes at Rye Recreational Park indoors when it’s cold and outdoors when it’s warm. There are three levels of obedience to choose from, depending on what your dog already knows.

Grammar School: Has your puppy only been on the planet for a couple of months? Is your adult dog swimming in a sea of ignorance? This class is for dogs of any age who know nothing or who kind of know some commands but not really. We’ll teach them to sit, stay, lay down, come when called and walk nicely on leash. We’ll also talk about things like jumping, chewing, stealing, play biting, barking and anything else your dogs is doing that drives you crazy, I mean, that you have questions about.

High School: So your dog has a basic knowledge of commands – when it’s convenient for him, you say? Well, it’s all rainbows and unicorns if your dog can sit in a nice quiet room when there’s nothing else going on, but that’s not particularly helpful when you’ve got a gaggle of kids running through the house or you’re trying to walk through the neighborhood gauntlet of birds, squirrels, dogs, joggers, leaves, air… In High School, we work around higher level distractions and teach your dogs that, weirdly enough, all the commands he learned in your kitchen actually still mean what they mean no matter where he is, what he’s doing, what’s going on around him or what he’d rather be doing. Crazy talk? I think not.

College: Is your dog a SUPER-GENIUS? Is he already trained to within an inch of his life, but you want more, more, more??? Then this is the place for you and your prodigy. Tons of distractions, off-lead work, teaching your dog to respond to hand signals only (yes, you and your dog will look totally psychic – it’s awesome)…not for the faint of heart, but so cool if you’re game.



Behavior Modification

“My dog bites.” “My dog’s afraid of cars/thunder/people in hats.” “My dog chews holes in the wall when I leave him alone.” Maybe he does now, but he doesn’t have to! That’s weird. It’s not normal for dogs to do stuff like that, and you shouldn’t just accept that your dog is weird. Would you say “oh, sorry – my kid hits people?” Of course not! For the past 10 years I’ve been working with dogs who have aggression, fear and anxiety problems like on-lead aggression, separation anxiety, fear biting, phobias, food aggression, possessiveness, and any other weird dog thing you can think of. Each dog is individually evaluated, so I can design a training program that will get your dog over his personal issues.