The Dog Obedience Girl



Molly / Joanne and her team have been invaluable to our family. Joanne was there to help us train and transition our new puppy into life at our home. Whenever we need to leave town, we know that Molly is in loving hands while she stays at the D.O.G. House and now she eagerly awaits her weekly doggie day out. When she returns from a day of running and playing, she is exhausted and happy. We cannot recommend this team highly enough.
-Elizabeth & Grant Moyer, Rye NY

Fern / Joanne's natural intuition about dogs came highly recommended. Four of my friends and neighbors, as well as my vet, referred me to her when I adopted Fern from the New Rochelle Humane Society in January. Joanne quickly recognized that Fern was not untrainable, as I had labeled her. The label did not seem unwarranted. As soon as I commanded Fern to sit or come (or do anything other than eat a meal), she would stare blankly at me and then walk to her crate to take a nap. After two months of this behavior pattern, I had become resigned to the possibility that my dog just wasn't that smart. But I was wrong, as Joanne showed me. She explained that my dog is a terrier, a notoriously independent group of dogs that is not bred to work for people but rather to take on a job on its own, be it hunting rodents or searching for them. It turned out that Fern knew exactly what I was asking, but just didn't feel like doing it (much like her 12 year old human sibling!). Joanne taught me to be relentlessly consistent and upbeat using brief but often repeated training sessions. Now Fern behaves beautifully: she can sit, stay, lie down, "leave it" and come on command in just 2 months of practice. Who knew it was possible?? Joanne did. Fern also goes to day camp at the D.O.G. and practically wags her tail off as soon as the van pulls in to pick her up. This is significant because Fern had a bad experience as a 7 month old pup at the dog park - she had been attacked by another dog and was consequently very timid around other dogs. By arranging for Fern to play with a group of energetic, gentle dogs, Joanne helped Fern to triumph over her fear. She is now an active and popular participant at camp, whether she's there for the day or boarding for the week. I have recently recommended Joanne to 2 of my neighbors and will continue to endorse her expertise and refer other dog owners to the D.O.G.
– Lisa Mansfield, Scarsdale NY

Oliver / Joanne has taught me EVERYTHING my husband and I know about dogs and prior to owning Oliver, we knew NOTHING! Joanne helped us even before Oliver came home with us so we ensured that our house was ready for his arrival. As neither of us grew up with a dog, Joanne gave Gregg and I the confidence and skills to properly train Oliver to our family life and routine, while also providing a schedule to structure Oliver's life around. Consistency and repetition are probably the most valuable lessons we learned from Joanne (no different than what you’d do with a child!) as well as the use of "dog language" (commands). Oliver is 4 yrs. old now and we are thinking about getting him a "pal." Of course we'll enlist Joanne's help again with the training. As far as boarding Oliver when we go away, I never bat an eyelash sending him to Joanne's. He's ALWAYS happy to go and return. Joanne is the Real Deal as far as dog obedience trainers and boarders go!
– Lauren & Greg, Harrison NY

Charlie / Charlie receives so much love and excellent care whether it’s for Day Camp or overnights – I never hesitate to leave him with you! Thank you so much for always being so caring and loving to him. I know you care deeply and take the very best care of him. I am so thankful that Abby recommended you for me and even more so for my mother’s dog Gus because she has always been very protective and cautious with him. You guys are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Julie Fareri, Greenwich, CT

Gus / Having had a life threatening experience at another boarding facility, as Gus did, I can’t say enough about the love, care, fun and happiness you provide for Gus. He is so lucky to be with you for Sleep Away Camp. I am so at ease when he is there, you have no idea the smiles you give to me as well. We especially love seeing Gus on your sofa and knowing that he is safe and content and loved.
- Brenda Fareri, Greenwich, CT

Bella / I started weight training with Bella and she loves pulling the small weights around. You wouldn’t believe how well-behaved she is with the harness on and the weights attached. She does a sit/stay for as long as I tell her while I am 20-30 feet away with NO leash. When I pat my leg and say "pull" she gets up and comes running and stops directly in front of me and sits. I am so proud of her and me and it’s all because of you, thanks :)
- Wendi & David Antonacci, Auburn, NY

Peak / “I have always been happy with the care Peak receives either when boarded or attending day-camp at the D.O.G.. When you or Trever ring our bell, Peak goes crazy with excitement. He literally jumps up to the handle and can hardly wait for me to open the door. It has always been a pleasure dealing with you both. I truly appreciate your flexibility and responsiveness. We (Peak included) are big fans!”
- Linda Schapiro, Scarsdale NY

Siggy / We started using Joanne when we got our Maltipoo, Siggy, 2 and ½ years ago and could not be more pleased. I have referred Joanne to other dog owners who have been equally happy with her services. We will continue to use you and refer to you without reserve.
-Phyllis & Elliot Rosen, Scarsdale NY

Jack & Skye / I have trusted your judgment and it has been impeccable, I have kept working with her and she is a better and happier girl for it. You will never know how much you helped. It’s hard to believe the problems we had just 6-8 months ago. Whatever it was, she is over it. I stopped treating her like a bad dog. Because she is not a bad dog, she is a very good dog who was just bothered by something. I stopped reading Cesar Millan and just gave her a TON of affection, just for sitting there wagging her tail at me. When I go up at night, I put her under her blanket and give her a kiss goodnight, probably Cesar would not agree but it worked for me. Lots of hugs. Not too many treats. Whatever! It worked!! And that’s the best present!! Thank you so much Joanne for all your very hard work on our behalf! I know both my dogs are in the best hands with you.
- Lisa & Ed Farrell, Mamaroneck NY

Luigi / Luigi loves Joanne and Trever! He completely ignores us when he is leaving for The D.O.G. One time he thought Trever was leaving without him and he actually started crying. It's such a great vacation for him! Our previous dog Buddy (R.I.P.) was totally in love with them too.
- Suzanne & Sam Spano, Yonkers NY

Bärli / You are wonderful people and you do wonderful things for many people's pets. Bärli is looking forward to his next stay at the D.O.G.!
-Rachel & Harry Moseley, Scarsdale NY

Alfie / Alfie is always so excited and pleased to come to you and I know that he loves all the extra attention he gets from you.
- Tracey Carter, Rye NY

Chetzy / You all are an amazing team!

Cosmo / We have complete trust in you and your staff, and know that Cosmo is in the best possible care with you and Trever and your staff.
- Lori Kost, Rye NY

Copan / We adopted a dog who had no training & didn’t get along with the dog we had! We thought we had to give him away. Not only are they best friends now, but Joanne gave us the training we needed to handle it! We are so happy. Thanks Joanne & team – we think you’re great. Copan is doing so well and you gave us the confidence to handle him even when he may do something he’s not supposed to do.
- Mike & Alicia Love, Owners, Coffee Labs – Tarrytown NY

Moxie / Joanne came us to when our "puppy" was almost 4 years old. We had tried a few other trainers but none of them could help us. We hadn't been able to break certain behaviors. Joanne made a difference very quickly. She arrived on her first visit with a sense of purpose, a calm confidence and a unique talent to instruct both our dog and our family. Joanne also keeps our dog for us when we are away. We never worry she will be kept in a crate all day and night when she stays with Joanne. We know she loves it there and is kept safe and healthy and loved. We recommend Joanne continually and are thrilled for the opportunity to tout her talents here!
- Debra Alpert, Purchase NY

Charlie / You and your staff have done a terrific job with Charlie, both in our home and in your care. We always feel that he is well taken care of and treated very special, as if he was your very own.
- Nancy Ditman, Ardsley NY

Pepper & Celeste / We have two boxers ages 2 and 3 1/2. Joanne and her team transformed 2 very hyper puppies into two obedient dogs. Along with normal obedience training, our dogs had issues with other dogs. We started to send them once a week to day camp at the D.O.G (My older Boxer Celeste had to ride up front in the passenger seat). They were quickly transformed and Celeste now happily jumps into the back with the other dogs. We board our dogs often at the D.O.G, they always come back happy and healthy and are clearly taken very good care of. Joanne and her staff are very loving and patient, treating Pepper and Celeste as their own, They are always very happy to see Joanne and her staff. I cannot say enough about the D.O.G.

- Melissa Martinez, Larchmont NY

Nala / I met Joanne about 9 years ago when my dog, a rescue off the street, starting becoming dog-aggressive. I looked all over for a trainer that used positive, loving training methods with dog-aggressive dogs, and someone led me to Joanne. Not only did my dog and I love her, but she worked with my dog so well that in a matter of less than 5 training sessions, he was already so much better that we were able to foster another dog I had found. Amazing! 4 months ago, I wound up unintentionally taking in another dog who quickly got me to the end of my rope. Nala couldn't walk on a leash, barked and peed on the floor when I left her alone, and wasn't responding to the amateur training I was trying with her. We sent her to stay with Joanne for puppy boot camp. I swear we got a different dog back. Joanne's patient, loving work with Nala has enabled me to keep her, because upon coming home she walks on a leash, doesn't bark when I leave her, and has stopped peeing on the floor when I leave her -- nothing short of miraculous! What I love about Joanne is that I trust her. She treats the dogs she works with like her own - as do her staff. I have had the unique opportunity of volunteering at Joanne's training and boarding facility, and I've worked alongside her staff. I know from an insider's point of view that she and her staff love those dogs, respect them, are kind and loving to them, and the dogs LOVE being there. When I picked Nala up after her training camp stay, I know she was happy to see me. But as we walked away to the car, she turned around several times to look back at Joanne and her manager, Joyrene, and was clearly a little sad to be leaving. I look forward to the next stay Nala has with them!
-Britt Bolnick, Brooklyn, NY

Jaeger / I have used Joanne as a dog trainer & to board my dog for years. I followed her from her previous employer to her current company because she was the best with managing my dog, who has some separation issues. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so.
-Robin Dillon, Scarsdale NY

Woof / You'll be pleased to hear that he's much better with the bathroom now- I've chilled out a lot and we just send him out into the backyard to go! We wouldn't be without him. Thanks!
- Claire Herne, Harrison NY

Rosie & Cooper / I sent my second dog Cooper to train with Joanne for five weeks after bringing him home at 7 months old from the breeder and realizing that he was petrified to walk on a leash. I had worked with Joanne previously with my first dog with great success and knew that if anyone could work with Cooper, she could. I have to say that Joanne is a miracle worker. When Cooper came home from his time with Joanne he walked like a champ, heeling like a perfect dog and so proud of himself. To this day, when I walk him he holds his head high and wags his tail. Joanne gave him the chance to be a “normal” dog. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Joanne and all she has done for Cooper and for us.
- Susie Baker, Harrison NY

Willie / My first exposure to the D.O.G. was when I was 4 months old and I stayed for 2 weeks training. I have been back for boarding (when my family goes away), as well as refresher training. I loved being there so much that I am presently a regular at the weekly day camp. I would not be the same wonderful dog had I not been there. They are WONDERFUL to me and my family is very appreciative of what they have done. All our lives are much easier because of the Dog Obedience Girl. Just ask my parents!
- Laura Beber (as told by Willie), Rye NY

Harley / Harley loves going to D.O.G boarding camp. We've left him with Joanne for 2 vacations now and I think he comes home a little sad and tired because he has so much fun with Joanne, her staff and the other dogs. I can really relax on vacation now knowing that Harley is safe and happy. Thanks Joanne and everyone at the D.O.G!"
–Dina Quirk, Darien CT

Revis / Joanne and her amazing team at The D.O.G. are like family. They offer love, support and guidance on how to survive the crazy suburban dog jungle! We know we can always count on Joanne to get us all back on track when we let the rules go by the wayside. Joanne gives us a gentle nudge and in no time our household is running smoothly again. No dog question is too small or silly for Joanne. and she always explains her answers in an easy to understand context. "Of course your dog doesn't want to come when you call him inside from the yard, it's like telling a child who has been having such fun playing outside that it's time come in and do their homework". Now that makes sense to me. Thanks Joanne!
- Laurie Wolk Rosenblatt, Larchmont NY

Kipper & Gio / I know I can rely on Joanne and her team for whatever “dog needs” I have. When we got our first dog, Kipper, she was the first person I called! She was so helpful in creating a very effective schedule for house-training as well as teaching Kipper all his basic commands. More recently, we adopted another older dog who unfortunately was not properly socialized. She and her talented team went above and beyond using a variety of techniques to get him to be more comfortable around people. Both of my dogs love going to day camp and are so happy to see anyone from her team when them come to pick them up. I highly recommend The D.O.G.
- Brenda McFarland, Rye NY

Dejah / Joanne has been terrific about both training our puppy and providing care 24/7 when we needed it. We had a family emergency and Joanne was incredibly flexible and kind - picking up our puppy at a moment's notice and keeping her safe and happy until we got things back to normal at home. I will definitely be both training with Joanne and boarding at the D.O.G. for years to come.
- Amy Bauman, Scarsdale NY

Trixie / I am happy to credit Joanne with the good behavior that is Trixie's. My only regret is that I did not meet Joanne when Trixie was a very little puppy or we would have had an even better behaved dog!! However, Joanne did an excellent job, and now we have had the benefits of many well behaved years!!! Yay for Joanne!!!

P.S. Now Joanne is working with our second generation, and the results are amazing!!!
- Michele Hoffman, Larchmont NY