The Dog Obedience Girl




An American Animal Hospital poll found that 33% of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone and leaving answering machine messages for them while they're away.


Sleep Away Camp

We offer cozy, welcoming accommodations for your dogs at Woods End, our 130 acre farm in Putnam Valley, while their people are on vacation. Our 2,500 square foot house has six indoor playrooms set up like living rooms, with couches, loveseats, ottomans and all the comforts of home. We also have five big, fenced-in yards outside, for plenty of fun and frolic in the sun. Your dogs are separated by size and temperament into small playgroups, supervised at all times by our trained staff.

Day Camp

Day camp at The D.O.G. offers a welcoming, safe place for your dog to socialize, build confidence and enjoy a fun-filled, eventful day. Our program provides your dog with a variety of challenging and exciting activities that will not only teach him how to play well with other dogs, but also how to play better with humans. The strength of our program comes from our small group sizes, personal attention to each dog, variety of activities, and an experienced staff dedicated to enriching your dog’s life.

Please Note: We primarily only accept dogs we’ve trained for Sleep Away Camp and Day Camp, due to the extremely social environment of The D.O.G. House. If a dog is referred by a client, however, we will do an extensive evaluation and interview of that dog to see if he or she is appropriate for our programs. Just as sleep away camp isn’t right for every child, dog camp isn’t always right for every dog!