The Dog Obedience Girl

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Dogs have sweat glands between the pads on their paws.

The Dog Obedience Girl

Joanne has been training dogs and adjusting their behavior for over 10 years. While she started her professional life in advertising, with a 10 year career at agencies such as Ammirati & Puris, Lowe Lintas & Partners and BBDO, she escaped the corporate world to dedicate herself to dogs. She maintains that working with dogs is WAAAAAAY better! Joanne became a trainer & behaviorist because she wanted to help people better understand their dogs – who they are and why they do the things they do – as well as to help dogs better understand their people.

Joanne firmly believes that education is a lifelong process, and continues to go to seminars, classes and conferences. She’s certified through the Companion Animals Sciences Institute, and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Animal Behavior Society and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She’s worked with all kinds of dogs on everything from the most basic obedience and housetraining to aggression, anxiety, fear, and obsessive disorders. She uses only positive reinforcement methods and strongly believes that you should never hurt or scare a dog to get them to do anything. Training should teach a dog to want to work with their owner, and should only strengthen the bond between them.