The Dog Obedience Girl

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Welcome to The D.O.G.

What does your dog need? Training? We can do that. A place to stay while you’re on vacation? Woods End, our 130 acre farm in Putnam Valley, can be his home away from home. Somewhere to spend the day hanging out with friends, getting some much-needed exercise and socialization? We’ve got that too. Whatever your dog needs can be found here at The D.O.G. Obedience training, behavior modification, nutrition consulting, sleep away camp, day camp – you name it. Seriously, name it. If there’s something we haven’t listed and you need it, we’ll find a way to make it happen, because here at The D.O.G. we’re all about you.

Joanne has been a certified trainer, behaviorist and canine nutritionist for over a decade. She’s worked with all kinds of dogs on all kinds of problems, and has yet to meet a dog she couldn’t help. Joanne has chosen to concentrate on family dog training because more than anything, she want to help people better understand their dogs, and to help dogs better understand their people, so they can all live together in harmony.

How do we do that, you ask? Read on...